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When you're forced to relive the same day over and over again, will you finally find a way to break the loop and make it to the weekend?


For some reason life has forced the MC into an endless time loop where he has to relive the past week over and over again with his only outside interaction being his next door neighbour. As he tries to find a way out of the loop he begins to expand his worldview and eventually remembers the reason he got stuck in the first place.


NOTE: MOST major assets (save a BG and the SFX sounds) used in this game were made by me and/or are labelled/distributed as 'free to use' (under the Creative Commons 0 License).

You can check out the full list for credits here:


**This game is linear - save two choices and mostly resembles a kinetic novel;

**~ This game was created for the Tyrano Builder Spring Game Jam 2017 ~**

Install instructions

Download the .rar file and unzip by selecting 'Extract Here.'

If you have any issues contact me on itch.io or on my twitter (@Stick.Says) or my tumblr (kunikai.tumblr.com)


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