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Do you actually have permission to use those character sprites? They look like they're ripped from a game.

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All assets used in this particular game (BGs, Character sprites, sounds, music etc.) are distributed as 'free to use' - some with special circumstances attached. Those sprites are in fact from a card game (I'm not sure if this particular one is still active or not but); you can check out their website and terms of conditions here:

I placed a full list of the assets I used here:; which is also seen at the ending credits of this game.

Hope that cleared it up ^^; sorry if it wasn't clear.

ok, thanks!

Of this game, what percentage would you say is yours alone?

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Pretty much just the writing and the 'effort' - or lack thereof - of putting it all together :c

And like...the two pictures in there I edited/ yea maybe about 10% or less...idk