A downloadable Visual novel game for Windows

What happens when one story ends? You get a chance to start all over.


In this world, once your story is over you get shelfed - transported to a new world where protagonists, antagonists and other minor characters dwell peacefully after being debriefed and recommissioned. A particular Fairytale Prince finds himself unable to accept that his life was 'dictated by fate' and sets out to find the truth about his history and who he's really meant to be.

At the climax where his fate finally comes into his own hands, what choice will he make then?


NOTE: ALL major assets used in this game are not my own and are labelled/distributed as 'free to use' (some with special conditions). So if you also wish to utilize some or any of them for your own projects please read the creator's/owner's agreement pages.

You can check out the full list for credits here:


**This game contains two different endings;

The choices presented in the game (with the exception of the last branch) don't affect the outcome so you can play through the game up to twice and enjoy the different texts for each scenario - if you like.

**~ This game was created for the Tyrano Builder Summer Game Jam 2015 ~**

NOTE: I made the text for the names with this program *I didn't credit in the full game but just so you know: http://www6.flamingtext.com/

GenreVisual Novel
TagsGlobal Game Jam
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download from the link provided and enjoy.

If it doesn't work properly please let me know.

Email me at r-g-veda@hotmail.com OR

Tweet at me https://twitter.com/StickSays or shoot me an ask on http://kunikai.tumblr.com/


HT_windows.rar 50 MB


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Do you actually have permission to use those character sprites? They look like they're ripped from a game.

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All assets used in this particular game (BGs, Character sprites, sounds, music etc.) are distributed as 'free to use' - some with special circumstances attached. Those sprites are in fact from a card game (I'm not sure if this particular one is still active or not but); you can check out their website and terms of conditions here: http://www.jewel-s.jp/download/

I placed a full list of the assets I used here: http://kunikai.tumblr.com/post/129284768877/tyrano...; which is also seen at the ending credits of this game.

Hope that cleared it up ^^; sorry if it wasn't clear.

ok, thanks!


Of this game, what percentage would you say is yours alone?

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Pretty much just the writing and the 'effort' - or lack thereof - of putting it all together :c

And like...the two pictures in there I edited/did...so yea maybe about 10% or less...idk